VWA Candidates


Our Vocation is Developing Your Career

Over the years, VWA have grown a network of highly effective, trustworthy and enthusiastic candidates with integrity and drive. To join this network, you will be thoroughly assessed so we fully understand your experience and motivation, your interests and ambitions, and your hopes and fears. In return, we will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you find the opportunity you’re looking for, whether it is a permanent or a temporary role. Our consultants work collectively, so that you will have access to a vast breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as the entire company's network of clients.

Aside from the date and location, 61.8% of candidates receive no information prior to their interview from their agency. VWA make sure you’re prepared and confident from the first handshake.

Our temp community is vibrant and engaged, we entertain on a regular basis, and will always give you all the information we have before placing you in a temp position. Our clients range far and wide, from private equity to blue-chip and smaller entrepreneurial companies. Other sectors include PR, FMCG, fashion, media and management consultancy. You can be confident we’ll find a job that’s right for you.

The Recruitment Method.


Your personal consultant will explore competencies and work-style preferences as we believe a clear understanding of your company culture is essential.


We brief all of our candidates on everything from the expectations of the role all the way down to the company culture. As a result, when the candidate goes to interview, every minute of the meeting is valuable.


Our consultants are highly trained in competency based techniques in order to gain a sense of an individual’s potential, as well as their fit for roles and company cultures.


All candidates are given valuable post-interview feedback, both reaffirming and constructive, to help our candidates hone their interview skills.


Before presenting a candidate to our clients, we ensure that the candidate is committed to the role. We do this in order to maintain transparency throughout the recruitment process.


At the point of offer, the VWA team will be here to ensure a smooth and positive experience for both you and the candidate when joining

Referral Scheme

At VWA, we are lucky to have most of our candidates and clients recommended to us by our exclusive network.

By way of showing our appreciation for these recommendations, we offer a generous referral scheme. When you recommend a candidate to VWA who is successfully placed in a permanent or temp role, or a client who we place a candidate with, you will receive a finder’s fee of £150 in the form of vouchers. Ask any of us to find out more, or send us your friend’s CV!