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We Asked, You Answered – What We’ve Learnt From Our Recent Recruitment Polls

28 Feb 2024 |

By Sophia Voce

Linked In Polls

Being curious. It comes with the territory when you’re a Recruitment Consultant.

As you may have seen from our LinkedIn page, we do love a good poll at VWA. It seems LinkedIn users do too, as we received over 2490 votes across the 8 polls we have conducted so far this year. Whilst we’d hardly call this the most robust data source, it is really interesting to listen to the opinions and experiences of the LinkedIn community.

This week we thought it would be fun to share some of our findings from the polls we’ve conducted so far this year.

Over to the data...

The City of London proved very popular as a place of work in this recent poll with 50% of you showing a preference for the City. We currently have some fantastic live vacancies for roles in the City – check out our jobs board now:

Jobs - VWA

How do you prepare for an interview? We recently shared an article exploring the differences between the STAR and PAR techniques. It seems that STAR was the clearly preferred method amongst voters at 59%. Learn more about these tried and tested techniques on our blog here:

PAR vs STAR Interview Techniques – Choosing the Right Approach - VWA

Finding Interview Success with the STAR Technique - VWA

OK yes you got me! Covering letter 1 was written by the robot, or Chat GPT to be specific. Did you get it right? Take a look for yourselves here:

AI in Recruitment: Can You Spot the Covering Letter Written by AI? - VWA

Divided opinions when it comes to receiving branded gifts from business partners. Do you see gifts as just another way to increase landfill or do you love them? VWA does like to send things to our clients from time to time and we’ve recently been taking steps to become more environmentally conscious. Last year our mouse mats were made from 100% fully recycled materials and all our printed items are now made with recycled paper.

Moving onto specific items…it looks like notebooks are the clear favourite! Mouse mats, not so much, but we’re keeping an open mind given the lovely feedback we’ve always received for our annual mouse mat drop…

In the comments we uncovered some unbelievable items people have been gifted including a Mandarin Duck handbag and a Bluetooth speaker…wow!

Moving away from gifting…It was interesting to get a sense of how many days our followers are usually in the office, with 1-2 days most common (38%) and an equal split between fully remote and fully office based. If you’re a new starter entering into the world of hybrid working, then this is a great read for you:

How to Shine as a New Starter in the World of Hybrid Working - VWA

This was a particularly hot topic for our LinkedIn followers, with one of the highest response rates to date. It was great to get a sense of what motivates you to embark on a new job hunt. Better pay being the strongest motivator, closely followed by a desire to improve your work/life balance. If you’re on the job hunt right now, you might want to check out this recent article to help keep you going:

Overcoming Job Search Burnout: Strategies for Staying Motivated - VWA

Last but not least (these polls are not listed in chronological order!), we asked you about your go-to site for finding a new job. (Taking this slightly with a pinch of salt, given this poll was on LinkedIn), it seems you have an overwhelming preference for this platform – 72%! Only 8% of voters claim to opt for a Recruitment Consultant directly which is interesting.

We are of course extremely keen to persuade you otherwise…hear directly from VWA Principal Consultant Samantha Daniels about the merits of working with us to secure your next great role –

Working with Recruitment Consultants - VWA

Looking for your next challenge or in search of the right talent for your business? Get in touch today and let us help you: recruit@vwa.com or call is 020 7225 1888.

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