VWA Stories Day 11 – Nick

Day 11 is from our lovely Nick, here’s how he ended as Head of the Temporary Desk at VWA:

I signed on with VWA after deciding I didn’t want to be a lawyer. I’d spent all of my education working towards becoming a barrister, but by the time I finished my GDL I knew it wasn’t for me. A university friend of mine who’d been placed by VWA told me I should sign on for some temping while I figured my life out. After a few bookings here and there I was placed ongoing at a private equity company, initially doing office services work, and then moving up to reception. They trained me up to be a PA, and as the standard in finance is high they did it pretty rigorously! After a few months working as a float the HR Assistant, who was himself placed by VWA, told me he was leaving and sounded me out about applying to replace him. I know a good opportunity when I see one so I took his advice and managed to get the job. This meant that, amongst other things, I was involved in dealing with VWA on a daily basis, booking temps and recruiting perm staff. I became good mates with the VWA Consultant who managed the account; when he married a temp I had a ringside seat.
After three years I decided to move on. I was considering staying in HR but when I told VWA I was leaving they asked if I’d be interested in joining them as a Consultant, and I was. Basically VWA have had their hooks in me since I left education!