VWA 30 Year Stories – Simon

For day 29 of #VWA30 we asked our MD, Simon Crow about his VWA story-

I first worked through VWA as a temp at the tender age of 18! Thankfully, Victoria had enough belief in me to send me off to Mercury Communications as a receptionist. I am not sure what some of the employees thought of a fresh-faced chap meeting and greeting a torrent of visitors, but I clearly did something right as they kept asking me back. Many temp assignments followed during my student holidays until I was eventually placed permanently at Salomon Brothers on the trading floor. Whilst this proved to a shock to the system, I kept my head down and my chin above water and survived for three years before moving to Chase Manhattan Bank selling high yield bonds. I was made redundant and joined a software house in a sales role and left after a year to return to the city as a broker. Thankfully, I was made redundant upon which I approached VWA again and Victoria asked me to help on the temp desk on an interim basis. The interim has been 16 years long and I rose through the ranks to MD and basically owe my entire career to Victoria. She has offered me great opportunity and I have learnt a tremendous amount from her and continue to do so.