VWA 30 Year Stories – Manjinder

A lovely story from the head of our permanent desk Manjinder, for #VWA30 day 27 –

I first came across VWA some years ago (2001 to be more precise) when I worked in recruitment outside of London and in the Berkshire market. At the time one of the Consultants from VWA had been seconded to work for the HR division of a company that was relocating and setting up their offices in Berkshire.  

Ultimately the VWA Consultant became my contact and I worked closely with her in supplying support staff to the business.    It was a fantastic experience as the Consultant’s approach was highly collaborative and informative and there was genuine desire to work in partnership in order to find and secure the right candidates for the business – I remember at the time thinking what a special company VWA must be!

Little did I know that 10 years later I would find myself working in London and indeed that I would have the opportunity to join VWA!    The approach and ethos is certainly everything I thought from all those years ago and much much more!’