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Through the Looking Glass…

13 Feb 2020 |

By Rosa von Fürstenberg

How many times have you made an offer to a candidate with a sense of reticence? How often do you wish you could see beneath the polished exterior presented to you during an interview? When you grapple with the question “What is this candidate really like to work with?” – Victoria Wall Associates can provide a clear and insightful answer with the help of the Hogan suite of assessments.

The Hogan Assessment Suite is a set of three powerful psychometric personality tests that we offer as part of our search and selection approach. The suite of personality tests measures general personality traits, interpersonal skills, and core values.

So what makes the Hogan special?

The Hogan Assessment Suite is widely perceived to be the most accurate tool at uncovering “de-railers” – or “the dark side” in people, making it the most popular personality assessment for millions of companies. It’s very practical and insightful set of assessments can help with recruitment decision-making, examining strengths and weaknesses, highlighting risks and de-railers, and providing areas for questioning. We believe it offers a level of insight and depth that is not possible through an interview alone.

How we can use the Hogan to assist our clients with making the right recruitment decisions?

We offer various levels of analysis and report writing to reflect the client’s requirements, budget, and level of the role.

Typically, the Hogan can be used for:

• Brief assessments prior to interview identifying key competencies to explore and question.

• In-depth psychological assessment as part of the Assessment Process.

• Motivation and Drivers Assessment for final stage candidates with a focus on de-railers and questions to ask at final interview stage.

• To establish cultural fit based on assessment of the candidates’ core values.

We have a team of Consultants and Psychologists trained to use the Hogan suite along with all other BPS accredited psychometric tests. For more information and pricing on using the Hogan suite to assess your candidates, please contact your Consultant at VWA on 020 72251888 or email recruit@vwa.com.

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