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Back to Work - How to Dodge the Post-Holiday Blues

06 Sep 2023 |

By Sophia Voce

Back to work

Meteorological autumn has arrived (but don’t tell the sun yet shhhhh!). For many of us, this coincides with the end of summer holidays and a return to work. Unless you’ve planned a late getaway, your next break (potentially Christmas) might feel a long way off.

Are you feeling the post-holiday blues? Are you dreading a return to ‘work-mode’ after days of lounging by the pool? Do you feel anxious that you are behind or out of the loop? Perhaps the thought of your bulging inbox is giving you the sweats!

Whatever you are feeling, we’ve put together a few handy tips for getting back into the flow and making the return to work a positive experience.

Get prepared the day before

Get yourself organised the night before. If you’re going to the office on your first day, why not plan your outfit the night before and avoid a morning panic? Make sure you have ingredients to make yourself a healthy breakfast that you enjoy, and try to eat well and get a good night’s sleep the night before. Planning the little things ahead of time, means you can focus your thoughts on your job when the day arrives.

Declutter your workspace

Whether it’s at home or in an office, a tidy workspace is a happy workspace! Take a few minutes to declutter and remove any redundant items. Consider raiding the stationary cupboard for a shiny new pen and pad (who doesn’t love new stationary?!).

Have a plan for your inbox

Knowing that your inbox is likely to be bulging at the sides when you return can be a great cause of anxiety. Don’t be afraid of it, just create a plan to tackle it. Consider using tools such as Rules and Alerts (Microsoft Outlook) for emails which enable you to filter and prioritise your inbox. For example you can set up a rule that automatically moves any emails you are cc’d on to a separate folder to review at a later date.

Consider starting a bit earlier on day one

If you can, try starting an hour earlier on day one. This gives you time to get to grips with your inbox and diary for the week. You can also use the time to put together a list of priorities.

Prioritises and goals

Speaking of which, make prioritising and goal setting a priority upon your return. Focus this on week one for now. This will help you to manage expectations of yourself and help you visualise what you can realistically achieve in your first week back.

Book in catch-ups with colleagues

Plan some time for catch-ups with your manager and colleagues during your first couple of days. Especially with anyone who has picked up some of your work for you whilst you were away. Use the time to get up to speed and if necessary, take back the reigns. Holidays often require us to pick up the slack for each other, so it’s nice to show your appreciation too!

Take a break

Remind yourself to take breaks during the day. A quick walk around the block or pausing to grab a coffee will help you will feel more energised and productive when you return to your desk.

Getting back into the swing of things after a break can be tough at times, but by getting organised and being kind to yourself, you can make it a positive experience.

On a final note, our blog is packed full of other articles which you may find useful. We have tips and guides to help you thrive in a new role or current job, plus our advice for anyone feeling ready for a new challenge.

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