Passionate about developing careers

How VWA assists graduates

Passionate about developing careers

How VWA assists graduates

Graduate Career Services

When you begin your job search, either during your final years of university or once you graduate, interviews and assessment centres can be daunting. Many graduates have never experienced the selection methods used by employers and are unable to showcase their skills accordingly.

Although there is lots of advice online, it does not give you the chance to practise and gain unique 1:1 feedback, taking into account your own personal skills and experience.

Our Graduate Career Services aim to assist any undergraduates or graduates applying to internships, job interviews and/or assessment days. We will help you highlight your competencies, extract your transferable skills and show you how to describe and explain them when answering interview questions. You will also learn how to prepare and present yourself and/or how to act in group assessment exercises.

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What we offer:

Our services can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you are looking for career guidance, CV and interview training or preparation for a specific interview process or graduate scheme.

Interview training and preparation (1.5 hours)

Cost: £250.00*
In person or by Skype

This is a personalised service that will allow participants to gain feedback on their CV and interview technique, through a 1:1 session with a trained consultant. This will build an understanding of their transferable skills and competencies, and how to use them to answer common interview questions, provided in our interview handbook. Participants will then complete a formal interview and gain feedback on their performance. The training given can either be specific to a particular sector, or more general advice for any internships or interviews they may attend.

Psychometric profiling and career advice (1.5 hours)

Cost: £300 (including the cost of psychometric assessment and report) *
In person

This is an opportunity to discover where participant’s skills lie, in order to establish the right role and work environment for them. This will include a biographical interview with CV advice, as well as an analysis and feedback on their psychometric profiling. This could be particularly useful for graduates who are unsure of what their next career move should be.

Assessment Centre Preparation and Practice (4 hours)

Cost: £250.00 per person (minimum of 4 attendees)*
In person

Our mock assessment centre preparation offers an understanding of how to best prepare and perform in any graduate assessment centre. Participants will take part in, and gain feedback on their performance. They will also be able to practice their ‘elevator pitch,’ developing an answer to the integral question, ‘Tell me about yourself.’ Practising this pitch alongside other graduates will leave participants with an increased confidence to face any interview. The unique opportunity to take part in a mock group assessment gives an insight into what behaviours employers are looking for. Participants will also get to complete a competency-based interview, where they can prepare their answers to common questions, tailored to their experience.

Telephone or Skype Interview Preparation (1 hour)

Cost: £125.00*
By telephone or Skype

Many internships or graduate schemes will require a telephone interview before participants get face to face. As email is so commonly used now, many graduates are unaware how to present themselves over the phone. Our telephone interview preparation will provide CV advice, an insight and understanding of common competency questions, with answers tailored to experience- as well as training on how participants are being assessed during a telephone interview.

Full day Graduate Workshop

Cost: £800.00 per person

This full day workshop encompasses all of our other graduates services, providing complete preparation and practice for any interview or assessment centre. See details here

*Prices exclusive of  VAT

Why VWA?

With over 30 years of experience in graduate recruitment, we know exactly what employers are looking for. VWA Consulting also design and run graduate assessment exercises directly for employers, meaning that we are able to offer valuable insights into exactly what skills are being assessed. See our client case study.

The consultants running our Graduate services are trained to analyse psychometric test results and will be able to give a full personality assessment, including detailing what work environments would suit the individual, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. They also offer career advice, helping you to clarify your aspirations and interview answers through 1:1 coaching.

Specifically, employers are looking for candidates to demonstrate key competencies such as team work, communication, problem solving, emotional resilience and flexibility. Many graduates believe they possess these skills, but many struggle to demonstrate them in an interview or assessment setting.

VWA has 20 years of experience in designing and running graduate assessment days and therefore is able to offer an insight into exactly what employers are looking for. The analysis and feedback our consultants provide will increase your understanding of your own transferable competencies whilst giving you a greater awareness and self-assurance to handle yourself.

Our Location

These services are offered via Skype/Telephone or at our offices in St. James’s:

James House
1 Babmaes Street
London SW1Y 6HD