Meet the Team: Elena & Abi

27 February 2023

By Sophia Voce

Meet the Team: Elena & Abi

Meet the VWA Team – Abi & Elena

As Recruitment Consultants, the VWA team spend A LOT of time asking other people questions. We are naturally curious beings and this is why we love that we do!

We use our honed interview techniques to really get to know our clients’ companies, cultures and ethos and we listen carefully to our candidates so we can advise and match the right talent with the right companies.

We thought it might be time we flipped things around a bit and asked the team some questions for a change! Kicking off our Meet the VWA Team series, let’s find out more about Trainee Consultants, Elena and Abi.

What is your role at VWA and how long have you been part of this awesome team?

ELENA: I am a Trainee Consultant based on the temporary side of the business. I joined VWA in October 2021, so have nearly been part of the team for a year and a half!

ABI: I’m a Trainee Consultant on the permanent team and I joined VWA in May 2022!

Can you please briefly describe a day in the life of a Trainee Consultant?

ELENA: It is super varied, but typical duties involve:

Screening CVs and talking to candidates about their current situation and assessing whether VWA will be the right fit to be able to assist with their search.

I also complete competency based interviews that are around 30-45 minutes each and allow candidates to get to know VWA and VWA to get to know the candidate and what they are looking for.

Then as temporary jobs come on, I speak to clients and understand what the role requires and then reach out to temps we have registered, to gauge their interest and availability and send those that it would be a good match to the client.

ABI: I’m going to be cliché here and say no two days are the same! My role is currently split between resourcing and client work. On the resourcing side – I align with the Consultants on their priority roles and reach out to candidates accordingly. This could be actively searching for candidates on platforms like LinkedIn, Secs In The City or Reed, responding to ad response or liaising with people who phone/e-mail in directly.

Then it’s scheduling calls with them and potentially booking them in to register with VWA depending on whether we can help them. Regarding client work – I could be taking a client brief via VC, liaising with candidates about a new role, sending shortlists to clients, or managing interview processes.

I’ve realised recruitment is unpredictable so you’re constantly having to adapt to changing situations whilst maintaining strong communication with colleagues, candidates and clients.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

ELENA: I really enjoy getting to speak to so many different people and hearing about their career to date. However, as cringey as it sounds the thing I enjoy the most is helping people find roles that are right for them.

My motivation for studying psychology at university was to be able to have a job that enables me to help people and although this isn’t how I envisioned the help to look like, it remains very rewarding.

ABI: I love how people-centric my job is. I really enjoy building strong working relationships with candidates and colleagues and understanding their motivations/drivers. I also recently placed someone in their first career job and that was an amazing feeling!

What is your least favourite thing about your job? Careful ha ha!

ELENA: That it is impossible to eat healthy as there are always sooo many biscuits in the office.

ABI: Due to it being so unpredictable, there can be some ups and downs and some situations are out of your control. I’ve realised resilience is key!

What were you doing before you joined VWA?

ELENA: Prior to joining the VWA team I was a student at the University of Exeter where I was studying BSc Psychology. Post graduating, I took a little break to travel and relax before applying for roles, moving to London, and then starting at VWA.

ABI: After graduating from University of Bristol with an MSc in Anthropology in 2021, I joined a pharmaceutical PR firm and worked as an Account Associate in the Advocacy Relations team. After realising it wasn’t quite the path for me, I applied for a role through VWA and ended up joining the team instead!

That’s enough of the work questions. Let’s find out more about the non-working you!

Do you have a favourite restaurant in London?

ELENA: Hmmm… there are so many to choose from and so many on my bucket list to try but Sticks ‘n’ Sushi and Poppy’s Thai are definitely up there with one of my favourites.

ABI: I love Flour and Grape in Bermondsey. It’s an amazing walk-in Italian restaurant and I recommend to everyone.

Can you please describe your perfect Sunday?

ELENA: A lie in, a run and then a Sunday roast at Aragon House on Parsons Green followed by watching some trashy TV with my housemate.

ABI: My perfect Sunday is a quick workout/yoga class, pancakes for breakfast and then meeting my friends for a walk and coffee/lunch. We usually meet up in Battersea and go for a walk along the river. Then maybe finishing the day off with a roast dinner and a film in the evening.

Which is your favourite season and why?

ELENA: Summer always! The evenings getting lighter makes me so happy, I cannot wait until the sun sets at 9pm.

ABI: That’s a tough one but I’d have to say Autumn. I love the cosiness of it and wrapping up warm!

Dog? Cat? Neither?

ELENA: I looove both and the best office days are when Flick brings in her dog Simba, however, I have grown up with cats and although it is controversial, would probably have to pick cats as I get far too excited when I get to visit my parents and see my babies (Dobby and Binky!).

ABI: Dogs! I have a 1 year old Cockapoo called Willa who I am completely obsessed with.

If you could jump on a plane to anywhere in the world today, where would you go?

ELENA: Hmm I have two answers… right now I would definitely say Tignes to go skiing, but in summer my answer will always be the Greek or Sicilian islands!

ABI: Sydney in Australia – it’s one of my favorite places in the world.

Do you have any special talents?

ELENA: None that are very useful… I am pretty good at headstands…

ABI: Hmm I don’t think I do... how boring!

What is your favourite cocktail/mocktail?

ELENA: A Mojito is always my go to.

ABI: I love a Mojito or if I’m on holiday somewhere hot a Pina Colada.

Do you have a favourite movie?

ELENA: The Holiday, it is such a classic and I typically get impatient and watch it in November and then probably twice again in December.

ABI: About Time! It’s my go-to feel-good film.

Do you have any hobbies?

ELENA: I have a bit of a ‘love hate’ relationship with running, I never fancy going but I always feel amazing after a run. Not sure I would say it is a hobby, but I am definitely growing to enjoy a run along the river.

ABI: I love yoga and have been doing it (when I can!) for the last 7 years – I love it for re-setting or chilling out at the end of a busy day.

What was the last TV box set you binged on?

ELENA: I recently watched all three seasons of Happy Valley, although it is not the most relaxing watch, I was completely hooked and would definitely recommended.

ABI: Break Point – I love watching tennis so I binge watched this in like a day!

Do you have anything you’d like to learn? For example DJ’ing or a musical instrument? Karate? Line-dancing?!

ELENA: I absolutely love skiing but have never tried snowboarding so this is definitely something I would love to give a go.

ABI: Ooh I’d love to learn how to ski properly (I’m at the constant snow plough stage at the moment) or how to speak Spanish.

Finally, do you have a fun fact that might surprise us about you?

ELENA: I went to a wedding in Jordan with 50 Cent and Dannii Minogue.

ABI: I’ve skydived over the Great Barrier Reef!

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