VWA Spotlight: Mental Health at Work

16 January 2023

By Sophia Voce

VWA Spotlight: Mental Health at Work


Mental Health at Work

Paying attention to mental health at work has never been so important. As we reach the day of the year unfortunately labelled ‘Blue Monday’*, we wanted to highlight a great resource offering support to everyone from business owners to employees.
Mental Health at Work, curated by Mind, supported by the Mental Health At Work Leadership Council, provides a wealth of tools, resources and stories to help make navigating the workplace mental health landscape easy.
For more information, please visit their website here

The origins of 'Blue Monday'

*Did you know that this label given to the third Monday of January each year was actually coined by psychologist Cliff Arnall, following a request from a travel company to use as part of their winter deals promotion? Since its creation, Arnall has admitted that this was essentially pseudoscience and has urged Brits to “refute the whole notion” of Blue Monday, describing it as an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy!

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