Transition Peak: Immediate practical support for your staff through redundancy and retirement

24 November 2020

By Charlie Billington, Guest Author

Transition Peak: Immediate practical support for your staff through redundancy and retirement

Victoria Wall Associates are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Transition Peak, the company set up by our former colleague Charlotte Billington and her business partner Linda Ghusayni, which helps companies advise and support their departing employees with their career choices.

Charlotte Billington worked for Victoria Wall Associates on the recruitment and HR consulting side of the business for over twelve years. Since moving on from VWA she set up Transition Peak, a company whose sole purpose is to enable organisations to support, inspire and help their departing staff. We are delighted to share further information on her company, their services and how and why their online career coaching redundancy and retirement offerings are now incredibly popular.

Transition Peak provides a platform that empowers employees to get the direction and confidence to move forward faster through a clear direction, a plan, online documents, checklists, and videos. Employees can access eight key training modules to deal with each aspect of the career change. It is a useful tool for companies interested in saving on expensive outplacement support fees whilst looking after their departing employees.

These are some of the benefits that their clients have mentioned:

  • Immediate – Employees supported straightaway. No booking time required, saving time on 1-1 career support meetings with HR.

  • Effective – Employees received the most important career advice complied by experts with over 35 years’ experience in their field.

  • Cost efficient and transparent - The online program allows HR to help more of their employees at different levels and save on expensive outplacement fees. No hidden costs.

  • Increase ROI and enhanced brand loyalty– By portraying a positive culture for remaining employees and for future hires, clients, and alumni the company preserves and enhances its brand reputation and an increase in ROI.

  • Prevention of talent exodus – By looking after and supporting the departing employees in a respectful and fair manner, the remaining talent are more likely to remain loyal.

  • Professional support – Technical and career support is provided by experts over the phone or by email to answer any questions that may arise.


  1. "This is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to make a career change. All the content is online and can be accessed wherever you are, whenever it suits you. The documents and videos are full of practical advice delivered by experts with years of experience in the recruitment business." John, Partner at a global corporate law firm

  2. "We have recently begun working with Transition Peak and we are excited about the relationship and what they can offer our people. They really listened to our needs and worked in collaboration with us to enhance and build on their offerings. They are responsive and professional." Stephanie, Program manager at one of the big four accounting firms

  3. "Transition Peak does genuinely kind and supporting work with departing employees from businesses. Their programmes offer fantastically effective, affordable support (all online at the current time) to those people facing the challenge of the next chapter in their careers. I can’t recommend the work the TP team do highly enough." Jane, Business owner of an HR recruitment agency

You can learn more about Transition peak and the team here. Follow them on LinkedIn here. Or sign up to their newsletter here.

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