Which Candidate Would You Hire?

13 February 2020


Which Candidate Would You Hire?

Imagine you are hiring an HR manager, and you are at the final stage of the recruitment process. The decision lies between two candidates, and you are reviewing the interview feedback and analysis to inform your final decision. Is there a clear winning candidate?​


Would you be surprised to know that these profiles represent the same candidate? Why do they appear different?

Candidate One’s profile is based on an interview only, and Candidate Two’s is based on both an interview and the Hogan Assessment Suite, a highly regarded and widely used set of psychometric personality assessments that we use and analyse to help our clients make balanced and well-informed hiring decisions.

The personality tool measures general personality traits, interpersonal skills, and core values, and reveals the true implications of an individual’s real characteristics and style within the workplace. It is widely perceived to be the most accurate tool at uncovering “de-railers” – or “the dark side” in people, making it the most popular personality assessment for millions of companies.

VWA uses Hogan assessments to help clients within a range of areas – recruitment and talent decision-making, individual development, assessing cultural fit, and leadership development. We believe they offer a level of insight and depth that is not possible through an interview alone.

To find out more about how VWA can help you hire the best candidates using the Hogan Assessment Suite and other psychometric tests please contact recruit@vwa.com.​

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