Perm Desk Predictions for 2020

14 February 2020

By Manjinder Kang

Perm Desk Predictions for 2020

​2020 – when said out loud it has a sure confident and positive ring to it! The first few weeks of the New Year has reflected just that on the Permanent Division at Victoria Wall Associates (VWA) with a number of news roles registered across all support levels and range of businesses.

While time will tell how Brexit will impact and shape the London market and UK economy over the coming months and year, employment levels remain at their highest and the competition to attract top talent remains very certain indeed!

With the market continuing to be highly candidate driven, businesses more than ever will need to make a positive impression to attract the right candidates. Factors not only include competitive salaries, competitive benefits and development opportunities but also the length of time a process takes.

57% of candidates accept a second choice role when their preferred employer took too long to contact them.

With a number of enquiries from clients requesting marketing updates and surveys, retention of staff is ramping up. The trend of more senior level candidates in 2019 staying in their roles for longer is likely to continue in 2020, the graduate and less experienced level candidates is where the movement will continue. This can be attributed to a number of factors including confidence, search for growth and career development, money motivations or quite simply itchy feet and wanting a fresh environment.

New technologies and AI will continue to be introduced and impact hiring methods, traditional hiring methods and the human touch is one that remains highly valued and respected when working with clients and candidates alike.

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