30 Years VWA Story – Lauren

#VWA30 Day 8 comes from Lauren Tuohy, who was a valuable member of the Perms desk for 2 years, here’s her memories.

I joined fresh from University when I asked VWA to help with my job search and ended up getting on so well with my interviewers, they offered me an in-house researcher role – _I was overjoyed!
What followed, was a big learning curve into the world of recruitment, managing clients and competency-based interviewing. The training Victoria ran was fantastic and alongside that, my line manager Manjinder was incredibly supportive, pushing me at the right moments to lead me to a promotion as a permanent consultant after 10 months.
It was a lightbulb moment for me finding VWA, I suddenly realised what skills I had and luckily for me, they could see the potential in me.
In a snapshot, VWA = Learning, fun, support and friends for life!
P.S I also met my husband through VWA so that has to be worth a mention!!