30 YEARS STORIES – Melissa

Day 6 of #VWA30 and it’s back to another brilliant VWA member of staff. Introducing Mel Woodthorpe Browne – and here’s her story…

As a raw grad I started looking for permanent work, and a friend of my sister’s suggested I register with VWA. I had my interview with the wonderful Kate, and she flagged me to Tori as there was an opening for a Junior Consultant on the permanent desk. I’ve never worked anywhere else, so they knew (and still know) their stuff!

That was the start of a journey of building a book of clients, working with amazing colleagues (we are still in touch today), and learning my trade.

Having taken a career break, I joined the 25-year reunion a few years ago, and Tori and Simon kindly offered to have me back as a part-time resourcer. Whilst the world had moved on, the spirit of what I joined years before is still as strong as ever, and my journey, and hopefully my success as well, with VWA goes on.

What do I think about when I hear VWA?

An amazing time – an all female office, we had film-stars upstairs, and I could (if I had to) walk to work – although usually found myself in a taxi to go home! My success has been built on understanding people – a base talent honed by the right courses, in-house coaching, colleagues, experience, and the confidence placed in me to trust and believe in what I was doing.

What I miss:
Paper candidate database – which I still miss to this day!
Friday wine which usually started at 4pm!
Beautiful fresh flowers from Guilding the Lily.